Monday, September 02, 2013

Highway Hawks

When we're driving on the highway I always see hawks on fence posts or hay bales or telephone poles and I think I should stop and take photos of them. Since I was by myself driving today I thought I'd give it a try. It's harder than you might think. First, you have to spot them in time, which is challenging at 100 km per hour. Then you have to make sure there aren't any other cars too close behind you. Several times I passed some gorgeous hawks but there was no way I could stop.

The hawks always look so peaceful sitting there as you whiz by at high speed. However, as soon as you stop, especially with the rumble strip to cross to the shoulder, they tend to get spooked and fly away.

The first one I stopped for was perched on a hay bale. He was a little ways from the road and didn't take off when I stopped. However, I didn't have my camera out or the long lens attached. I was just about ready when he lazily launched off the hay bale. He landed in some trees, a little too far away to get a good shot. And he didn't stay there for long either.

(click to view larger)


My next few tries the hawk flew off before I even got stopped. This was my best attempt. I stopped a bit past him, which meant I couldn't shoot out the window and use it to brace the camera. I took this shot from just beside the car. As soon as I tried to approach closer he few off.


Pictures or not, they are beautiful creatures and I'm glad to see them.

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