Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rabbits Revisited

I saw the rabbits again the next day I walked to work after my previous post. So today I took my big camera (the Pentax K5 II) in hopes of seeing them again. Sure enough, I did.

(click to view photos)rabbit

At first, I just saw one, hidden in the bushes. I circled around to try and get a better view of him from the other side but it's noisy crunching through the snow and by the time I'd made it around, he'd disappeared. Trying to think like a rabbit, I went around to the other side of the fence and there he was, running across a small parking lot. He stopped to nibble on some bushes on the far side. I got fairly close, but still couldn't get a clear shot through the bushes. As I maneuvered for a better view, all of a sudden he was running towards me across the pavement. I did my best to follow him in the viewfinder and snap some shots. When I looked up I realized there were now two rabbits. I'm not sure where the second one came from, or whether that's what made the first one run past me.

I followed them back through the fence and then as they wandered around nibbling on the bushes. Occasionally someone would walk by, probably wondering what I was taking photos of. As long as I moved slowly and didn't get too close they let me do my thing.

With the longer lens and the better camera, and a longer session, I was able to get some better shots than last time.

I also saw (heard first!) a flock of blue jays. They were too high up in a tall tree to get great shots, but at least I could id them from the photos. I've only seen single ones in the past so it was interesting to watch them interacting.

blue jays

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