Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Diving from Loreto

This is our fourth trip to Loreto and one of the prime attractions for us is the diving. There are other places in Baja with good diving (e.g. Cabo Pulmo) but we love going out with Rafael from Dolphin Dive, and we enjoy staying in Loreto. Our connection with Joel at Baja Kayak Adventures makes Loreto even more attractive. (We went on a sea kayak trip with Joel in BC a few years ago, and this coming week we're heading out for six days of kayaking with him here.)

Baja doesn't have big coral reefs, but it has lots of fish and soft corals and other sea life. And seeing the dolphins and sea lions and whales is a big treat in itself.

I'm still struggling with underwater photography. I have a decent camera (Canon G12) so now my main limitation is light. I use the camera's built-in flash with the underwater case's diffuser, but it's still ugly lighting. I've resisted getting better lights because of the added size and complexity, but I'm getting tempted! Occasionally I get a shot I'm happy with, but mostly I wish for better. It's especially frustrating when I see something awesome and I'm unable to capture it in a way that does it credit. But, to be honest, I often have the same feeling on dry land!

Nonetheless, here are the results from our six days of diving. I hope they give a feel for the incredible underwater world here.

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