Sunday, April 15, 2012

Road Trip


Much as I love the prairies, my heart still thrills to see snowy peaks rising in the distance.

Had a good drive so far. Huge flocks of snow geese rising in swirls of birds. Ducks in every patch of water. Hawks on fence posts and telephone poles. A coyote dashing across the road in a hurry to get somewhere. Beautiful prong horn antelope. Lots of deer, thankfully mostly in the fields and not on the roads! Colorful ring necked pheasants in the ditches.

We took Highway 4 down from Rosetown, stopped at Urban Ground Coffee House in Swift Current. Stopped to check out the museum in Val Marie, but it was closed. Nice to see a big array of solar panels at the border crossing. Had supper at the Main Street Bistro in Lewistown. As the sun went down, the clouds were swirling around the mountains and the light was breaking through spotlighting the scenery.

Posted from Coffee Crossing in Livingston.

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