Sunday, September 11, 2011

Paddling into Autumn

With the weather still holding I couldn't resist heading north with my kayak. Had a great paddle around most of the Bagwa Loop although I didn't do the portages. (I'd rather paddle than slog through the mud.) Instead I stayed both nights at the Pease Point campsite and on Saturday I paddled through Bagwa and Lily Lake, walked across the portage to have a look at Clare Lake, and then paddled back. Quite a long day with meandering about, and of course with the wind inevitably against me going back.

I didn't see any moose this year, but saw a few bald eagles reasonably close. And there were ducks and the odd Canada goose, a pelican, and a few Snow geese. The loons were making their iconic cries. Not many people around.

As forecast, the weather started to turn Sunday morning. It was clear and calm all night but the clouds gathered and the wind picked up as I paddled back. I seem to get rougher water for the paddle back. The waves were getting to be about three feet high in the worst parts, leading to a bit of a roller coaster, and the occasional splash in the face. Even with the spray skirt on, water still tends to get inside resulting in a wet ride. Thankfully a few of the bays were sheltered enough to take a breather. When I got to the end I was lucky to have a cart waiting at my end of the rail portage. And the rain held off until I was just about back to the car :-)

I haven't been out paddling much this summer so my arms and shoulders was pretty stiff and sore by the end. But it was a good kind of tired. And it was great to get out and enjoy our wonderful northern lakes.

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