Monday, September 05, 2011

Along the River

I've been kicking myself all weekend for not getting out on a kayak trip or something on this last bit of beautiful summer weather. So I took a hike to Waneskewin and back to at least spend some time outdoors.

It's not exactly wilderness, but it's always nice along the river. I came around a corner and four great blue herons took off from a sandbar, gangly but gracefu. An owl (long eared?) rose up out of the underbrush in front of me and perched on a branch eying me suspiciously. A hawk circled low around a coulee. Canada geese called from the river. Grasshoppers exploded up out of the grass all around me. Frogs jumped off the bank into the river. A muskrat dived in and swam away. Fish disappeared in a swirl of water. Clam shells and crayfish claws littered the shore. Ants feasted on a caterpillar. Bees and butterflies enjoyed the last flowers of the summer. I enjoyed the last of the summer!

click to view photos

Photos taken with the G12 this time.

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