Saturday, July 02, 2011

Complete Streets

Complete Streets: It’s About More Than Bike Lanes - interesting video on the issues of bike lanes, pedestrians, and traffic in New York.

One thing I noticed in this video is that not only are the bike lanes inside the parked cars, but there is also a space between the parked cars and the bike lane so you don't get wiped out by someone opening their car door.

Unfortunately, this also reminds me about how minimal our biking infrastructure is in Saskatoon. If you want to get wiped out by a car door in Saskatoon I suggest biking south on the downtown part of Spadina. Although this is nominally a bike route, you're squeezed between busy traffic and people frequently getting in and out of parked cars. If someone does open their door in front of you, you'd better be able to stop since your only other option is to swerve out into the traffic. Saskatoon's idea of bike infrastructure is to paint a few sharrow chevrons on traffic lanes and fantasize that somehow that makes it all better for bikers. Sorry, but that's pathetic. A recent study doesn't show much benefit to cyclists. (Their conclusions are the opposite, but aren't supported by the data as far as I can see.) I guess they might be better than nothing, but not by much.

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