Monday, December 13, 2010

Heads in the Sand

"People are caring about—and believing in—climate change a lot less than they used to. A recent Pew study found that less than a third of Americans think that climate change is a very serious problem. Even scarier? Only 59 percent of Americans believe there is “solid evidence” that the planet’s getting warmer at all, down from 79 percent in 2006."

from: Best and Worst Environmental Moments of 2010

Not that it should be surprising. Look at how many people don't believe in evolution.

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  1. I've almost given up hoping the majority will "get it" regarding these issues. It's becoming pretty clear that the majority are just too dumb for their opinions to change. Look at the anti-vaccine movement, added to the ones you mentioned. Remember that Bush removed the solar panels from the the White House roof.... It seems the best you can do is have what effect you can on an individual basis. I've become quite a pessimist on this.