Sunday, September 05, 2010

Casa Bentley

Leaving Shelley to catch her flight home I took the bus to Todos Santos to break up my journey and check out somewhere new.

I found Casa Bentley on the Internet and booked a room by email. Or I thought I did. When i arrived Bob, the owner, didn't recall the email conversation but luckily he had a room anyway.

Don't stay here if you want a sterile businesslike Holiday Inn style experience. Casa Bentley has been under construction for 25 years and was never intended as a hotel. But it's an amazing place, full of quirkiness. There are mango trees with hanging fruit, spiral staircases, lovely stone walls, multiple levels, waterfalls, a small but elegantly tiled pool, artwork and cactus and statues and flowering plants.

There's no air conditioning in my room (good thing Shelley's not with me!) but it's half underground and there are fans and thankfully it's cloudy today.

Everything is a little chaotic and cluttered but it's certainly a unique place. If you're in the area and up for an adventure, check it out.

Tomorrow I'm off to Mulege and from there an overnight bus back to Tijuana and the San Diego.

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