Friday, December 18, 2009

First Batch of Peru Photos

The Cow Parade -- There are a cow sculptures everywhere! Decorated quite elaborately. We took photos of a few that most caught our eye!

Huge Christmas trees in all the parks/squares! Seems strange with no snow and so much warmth!

Note the doberman police dog with the muzzle. Doesn't look quite so friendly as our German Shepherds!



  1. Two comments.
    'The tramp of legions'. I quote Omar Khayyam, from memory, "The brave sound of a distant drum". War is not fun yet it can bring out both best and the worst in men. I do not speak for women.

    On Peru I feel there is much to be said for a country with lots of police about. I live in a country with almost none on foot and very few in cars especially on the main highwways. The exception is Westminster, the seat of government where police with automatic weapons are everywhere.

    It is not that we do not have police. it is just that they are occupied otherwise than patrolling the streets.

    End of complaint.

  2. I should have said splendid photos very interesting.