Sunday, February 24, 2008

Evening Light

Walking home yesterday, the sun was sinking and the light was nice. I took a bunch of pictures but most of them were unremarkable. Here's a few I liked:

My favorite is the first one of the water running over the weir. I'm sure every Saskatoon photographer has numerous photo's of the train bridge. The temperature has warmed up to almost 0c so the ice on the river is melting fast and my fingers don't freeze like at -20c

I took these with the Canon SD700 IS since that's what I keep in my pack for occasions like this. Of course, when I do see something I want to photograph then I wish I had the SLR. But I can't see carrying that in the bottom of my pack all the time!

The photos were tweaked in Lightroom e.g for exposure and contrast. I don't have a very good eye for subtle shading and color adjustments but I think the end result is still a big improvement over the "defaults".

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