Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Sunrise

Although it's still cold, it is so much nicer to walk to work with the sunrise rather than in the dark.

I think people who live in more "moderate" climates would find Saskatchewan in the winter to be very bleak. But it has an austere beauty. Maybe it's just the fact that you've spent your whole life somewhere that allows you to appreciate its subtleties.

I gave Shelley a hard time about her enjoying the cold, crisp morning the first day we were back from Ecuador. But I did understand what she was talking about and felt some of it myself.

In Saskatchewan, hot weather is something you get for a few short periods in the summer. And when you do you either hide from the heat or rush to talk advantage of it. Either way, it's not "normal".

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  1. I have almost exactly the same photo from over 25 years ago, except there were no buildings in the background at them time!