Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Climbing Weekend

It all started when Shelley heard that the East Ridge of Edith Cavell was in shape. I climbed this long ago, but Shelley hasn't done it and has been wanting to. We checked the weather forecast and it looked good - sunny for four days! But that made us think maybe we should do something that took a longer spell of good weather - like Assiniboine, one that's been on our list for a long time. It takes a few days since you have to hike in and out about 30 km each way. So we planned to go do Assiniboine.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast started to play games, switching from good to bad and back each time we checked. It ended up looking good for Sat. and Sun. but rainy on Thurs. and Fri. When we checked with Assiniboine Lodge we found out that the rain had come down as snow on the mountain and it likely wasn't in good shape for climbing. We figured Edith Cavell would probably be the same.

At this point we were all packed to go climbing so we went anyway. Sat. there were low dark clouds hanging over Canmore so we headed for Yamnuska and climbed another route that was on our list - Grillmair Chimneys. It was nice and sunny at Yam.

Looking up the route from the base.

Shelley started to lead the second pitch.

Me leading the final pitch.

Shelley emerging from the back of the chimney at the top.

A visitor wanting to share our lunch!

The scrambling trail down.
On Sunday the weather was good in Canmore so we did the trad route on the North East ridge of Ha Ling peak - 12 pitches of 5.6 We weren't quite the first party on the route but the one party ahead of us let us pass after it was obvious on the first few pitches that we were moving faster than them. It was nice to be climbing with no one ahead of us, especially as we looked down and saw numerous parties on the route. We had climbed the route once before but a long time ago. We did the approach in an hour and the climbing in about four hours. We were pretty happy with our speed, especially as we'd been fumbling around a bit on Yam, not having done any long routes since Red Rocks last fall.

On Monday before the drive back we spent the morning at Grassi Lakes doing a little sport climbing. But both of us were tired out from the last two days and we didn't get too ambitious. Despite having to change our plans numerous times, the weekend turned out well.

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